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As the world becomes more complex, demanding, and competitive, we must reach beyond the 3 Rs ((r)eading, w(r)iting, and a(r)ithmetic) to which schools are so accustomed. Change is certain and begs the question: what skills and qualities should we focus on?

Forbes magazine shared the findings of a recent IBM survey that asked 1700 CEOs from around the world a very basic question: what should you look for as you recruit new hires?

The top 3 answers: Collaboration, Communication, and Creativity.

As we work to create an optimal experience for learners, we set our sights on an every changing social, economic, and globalized landscape. We no longer idealize the 3 Rs but have refocused to ensure all students will succeed in their futures.

The S.T.E.A.M. Center is the bedrock for higher-level learning. By altering the learning environment, we create a catalyst for change. We challenge what educators know to be true. We question how things have been done in the past, and we embrace the change future brings.

Our goal is to provide the best environment to ensure all learners can achieve in and out of school and take on whatever the future holds. We force change with this different learning environment. All those working in an open and dynamic environment must collaborate and communicate. Teachers and students must be creative and think critically to solve problems together. We must prepare our students not for a world of 3 Rs, but for an infinitely more essential world of 4 Cs.

Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, and Critical Thinking

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